App: Brussels comic strip walk android app

One of the coolest thing to do in Brussels is of course the „Brussels comic strip walk„. On various buildings in the city artists have painted gigantic Comics like Tintin and Lucky Luke. It belongs to one of the main tourist attractions in Brussels. Sometimes it is really hard to find the comic strips because the are also inside of buildings. When I lived in Brussels I the the whole tour and I made photos of every single comic strip.

With the Brussels comic strip app for android you will have it way more easier. There is also a free version available, but the pro has pictures of all comic strips and costs only 1 €.  (Be the fastest! With this code (ARCS8ARJQ68PTPD7KFRHCEF) you can get the pro version of brussels comic strip for free.)

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Most of the mural painting are in the center of brussels which makes it easy to reach them by foot. However some comic strips are in the north (Laeken – where the atomium is located) and you really should take a bike or the bus to get there. You really can trust the official rental bikes of the city. I used them pretty often with my VISA, I never had problems and prices are absolutely ok. That is something I really liked in Brussels.

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