Current state of startup unicorns and Europes position

As a European I think that we totally fail in Digitalisation and successful startups. The reason is probable the smaller founding which are harder to get. If we compare with the US and China, which are countries and not a continent we still fail. So let’s have a look on the population.

We can see that China is the biggest with 1386 Million people followed by Europe with 741 millions and the US with 327 millions. Most of the populations in Europe lives in in regions with good (and mostly free) education.

Distribution of population in Europe (2018/Wikipedia)

My expectation was that the population correlates with the number of unicorns.

Distribution of unicorns per country (Source Wikipedia + crunchbase)

Even the USA scores the worst on the PISA study they dominate the startup business. They make the beste our of their best and innovative people. China share on unicorns is clearly the larges but and it’s really close the the share of the world population.
The clear loser in this statistic is Europe with only 4.3 %.

Another big problem is that US Startups quickly enter the European market while this rarely happens the other way around. If we have a look of big Internet companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and eBay, Europa has nothing in this order of magnitude.

China does not have this problem (which might be related to the strict market regulations). Here we have (and that are only the companies I know about without researching) Alibaba, WeChat and Baidu.

The condition is well known and even the management level in huge corporate are alarmed and afraid of this development. Like Timotheus Höttges (CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG) who has this topic on almost every speech he gives. Its time to act…

Overview of current china unicorns and the economic sector

In relation to this I wanted to have closer look on current unicorns in China. My questions are fairly straightforward: Who is on the market and what is he doing.Who is on the market

FinTech / InsurTech
Ant Financial – Payment FinTech
Lufax – Financel Market
WeBank – Bank + BlockChain
OneConnect – FinTech
Ping An Insurance – Insurance and financial services companies

Real Estate:
Ucommune – co-working spaces – Real Estate

JD Digits – Online-Handelsplattform
DJI – Drohnes Hardware

VIPKID – Teach Chinese children the english language

4Paradigm – artificial intelligence software solutions
SenseTime – artificial intelligence software solutions
360 Enterprise Security Group – security services for the government and enterprises
MiningLamp – save big data solutions for companies
BITMAIN – high performance computing chips and software
ByteDance – AI Content – News website + community

58 Daojia – service plattform (cleaning, moving etc)
Cainiao Network – Goods Logistic
Didi – Ridesharing

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