NetCat on Android – Send files from your phone to your computer with NetCatdroid

Strangely, it is still fairly complicated to transfer data from the smartphone to the computer. There are cloud solutions and bluetooth but thats still complicated or slow. But my friend and ex-colleague and me just release a first version of NetCatdroid. NetCatdroid is a netcat client for Android which allows you to transfer multiple files to your computer via netcat. Especially Linux and Mac user will love it, because nc is preinstalled on most systems.

How does NetCatdroid work ?
Its simple. 

1. Both devices – your computer and your phone – must be in the same network (WiFi). Than you need the IP address of the computer (e.g. using ifconfig).
2. Now you need to run a netcat server on the computer.
nc -l 4711 > images.tar  
or more advanced with transferbar 😉
nc -l 4711 | pv > images.tar 

3. On your smartphone. Select files. Share them and choose NetCatdroid ! BAM !


4. Finally, enter the IP address and press the send symbol.


The App will always transfer a TAR file, even if you transfer only one file. It is important to understand. You first need to unzip/untar the the files from the archive.

Thats it. Have fun with netcat and android !

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