The coolest Raspberry Pi hardware extension models from China

The Raspberry Pi enriched the life of hobbyist, hackers, electronic enthusiasts and opened the door even for inexperienced users. There are thousands of easy understandable tutorials for Raspberry Pi projects in the internet. This makes it possible that even your mom would be able to build awesome stuff with the Raspberry. The Ease of use and the low price of 35 Euro were key to success for the small computer.

Since I wanted to compare board, modules and parts shipped from china, please keep in mind that you may have to add customs. In germany packets under a value of 22 € are free. From 22 € – 45 € its cost 19% tax. Its always good to split up your orders. 

The compareable boards in my eyes are:

Raspberry Pi 2Banana PiOrange Pi PC

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ARM 900Mhz Quad-Core
35,78 € free shipping (
(price incl. case + heatsink)


ARM 1GHz Dual-Core 
28,29 € free shipping (

ARM 1,6GHz Quad-Core
26,47 € incl. shipping (
(price includes a power cable)


Beschreibung/BildRaspberry Pi BRaspberry Pi 2

Cool and cheap case for project where

is no need of accessing the GPIOs

6,20 €
2,04 €


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